Pregnancy Basics

One, 1-1/2 hour class for parents-to-be 

This FREE class can be taken at any time during pregnancy. 

During this class you will learn a little bit about a lot of things!

It's a packed 90 minutes!


This class is a "how-to" program that helps you feel more confident and more educated as you advance through your pregnancy, feeling healthy, better organized and prepared. The purpose of this class is to get you thinking about what you need and want!


Topics include:

Baby's growth and development 

Anatomy and physiology

Intro to labor and delivery

Intro to breastfeeding

Overview of hospital policies and procedures

Pregnancy Basics is provided virtually via Zoom or in person at CFA as well as at many OB/Gyn practices. Ask your physician or midwife if this is available in their office. If not, pick at date below and register directly with us. 


2022 Schedule:

Classes are offered virtually or in person. The choice is yours!

Choose a date from the choices listed below.

7 - 8:30 pm 



September 20, November 22, December13





October 6, November 3, December 1