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Be Her Village

We are a groundbreaking gift registry that gets you the funds you need for the support you deserve. Because let's face it: No one needs more stuff. Instead of being gifted thousands of dollars of expensive baby items (42 newborn-size onesies anyone?) we’re helping moms get what they really need: Support! The perfect gift, every time.

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Created by Kaitlyn McGreyes, a Mother Who's Been There

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Be Her Village founder, Kaitlin McGreyes with her two-day old son Julian.

New motherhood is a glorious time of life...if you can ignore the mesh panties, leaky boobs and mystery liquids in your hair. Be Her Village wants to change the way we celebrate new families. Let’s make the fourth trimester a time to bond with baby and not stress about washing the dishes.


When I had my children, I had lots of family and friends who bought me great gifts. But when my birth went sideways and I had a traumatic cesarean I was completely unsupported. My husband was working full time and in grad school, breastfeeding was hard, and I was taking care of a newborn 24/7 while trying to heal from surgery.

It was a very lonely time and I needed something more than just cute baby clothes and diapers and baby bottles. I needed someone to sit with me and teach me how to breastfeed, I needed someone to do my laundry and cook me a meal and clean my house and hold my baby while I showered. I needed a real life, warm presence of a friend. And I didn't have that. I just had boxes of expensive baby things that were no help at all. I see women being showered with thousands of dollars of expensive baby gifts and not having money to pay out of pocket for childbirth classes, doulas, breastfeeding support, pelvic floor specialists, therapy, and all the support they need to have a calm and dignified transition into parenthood. With Be Her Village I want to change the way we celebrate new babies. I want every mother to be celebrated. I want them to be showered with what they really need: support.

Take Off Your Invisibility Cape

As soon as you become pregnant, you become invisible. Everything is about your belly, your bump, your baby. No one is there to clean up after you. Friends send expensive gifts for your baby, but after the birth, everyone hauls out of there. They visit but only to hold the baby; they call but only to ask about the baby. No one is there to cook for you, help you feed your baby, or make sure you’re well taken care of.

You don’t need another bottle washer or crib sheet. What you really need is help. Someone to come clean your house, make a meal or help with baby’s latch. Be Her Village allows you to create a completely customizable services registry and receive gifts that won’t sit in the corner gathering dust.

'I envision a world where every new mother has education in pregnancy, a doula by her side while she gives birth, and a village of friends and professionals taking care of her while she cares for her new baby. We offer women access to any service that they need to have a supported pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood experience.'

Kaitlyn McGreyes




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