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About CFA

CFA boasts an extraordinary team of experienced and dedicated professionals and programs for parents-to-be, new parents and families. The programs and services provided are many as you can see from this website. Each year we have hundreds of families come to our facility ready to play, learn and grow. As a team, we are effective, efficient, and certain of who we are and what we do. Working with an extraordinary group, sharing a common purpose creates an energy that pulls us together. This brings new abilities, new confidence, new ideas and tremendous joy to all of us.


Children ARE our future! Happy, confident children and parents build stronger families. These families CAN and WILL create a better world, a brighter future.


Thank you for your time and your support. And once again, welcome!

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Our Mission and Purpose

To empower families so they can more effectively be stable and secure sources of health, wellbeing and fun. Further, as a professional team, our purpose is to provide quality educational & fitness programs, community referrals and an opportunity for parents to network. This allows our clients to enhance and to support with certainty their families' health and wellbeing. We take pride in the partnerships we form with our clients to accomplish our combined objectives. We honor these partnerships as the foundation for the service we provide and depend on them for our mutual growth. From pregnancy into parenthood, we’re with you every step of the way!

From the Beginning

Childbearing Family Alliance, Inc, abbreviated CFA, was incorporated in 1981 by its founder, Riekie Urlich Alles. Riekie spent many busy years raising her children, working as a nurse and later as a certified social worker. She also had a thriving Lamaze® childbirth education practice in St. James, NY.


In 1990, Mary Kahrs, (BS, MA, LCCE, BSS, FACCE*) CFA’s Executive Director, had the distinct pleasure of meeting Riekie at a local chapter meeting of Lamaze instructors. 


Today, we celebrate more than 30 years helping families on Long Island. CFA continues to grow and our programs and services continue to expand. All this making it possible for us to help many more families become strong, secure and stable.


BS - Bachelor of Science

MA - Master of Arts

LCCE - Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

BSS - Breastfeeding Support Specialist

FACCE - Fellow in the American College of Childbirth Educators

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Want to Join Us?

CFA, Inc. is always interested in meeting potential team members. Our company offers a fun-filled, family oriented working environment. Our expanding company provides lots of team spirit, encourages and supports creative thinking with the opportunity for in-house training and advancement. If you'd like to inquire about a position with our staff, please take a moment to fill in our career opportunity application and mail it back to us. Or you may send in your resume to us at CFA/Human Resources, 60 East Main St., Kings Park, NY 11754  If something should open up that aligns with your qualifications, we'll reach out to set up further dialogue.


We appreciate your interest!

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