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New Mothers Group

For mothers and their new babies (birth to 4 months)

Six, 90-minute meetings 1:30 - 3pm. Sixth meeting is determined by the group. You can attend in person or via Zoom. The choice is yours!


The cost - just $75 cash - $77.62 credit card for the series of 6 meetings.


Many pediatricians confidently refer to this very popular program due to our clean, safe, baby-friendly environment and personal attention.

We know that the first few months of parenthood are filled with questions and confusion. How do you sort out your feelings, filter through the abundance of advice you receive, get some sleep and try to do what you think is best?


Participating in this program gives you strength and direction. Take the opportunity to meet other parents with babies about the same age as yours. Learn something new at each meeting, get and give advice, and be heard.


Going back to work during the class series? No problem. Sign up for the dates you can attend. Some new mom’s group is better than no new mom’s group.

CFA has provided the New Mothers Group for more than 30 years.

2024 Classes
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