Infant & Child CPR Safety

One, 3-Hour Meeting for Anyone Who Loves Children


The information contained in this program is provided by our experienced CPR instructors and includes: 

  • Infant and child CPR, managing obstructed airway (choking), safety, accident prevention, and proper supervision. 

  • An important program for anyone who cares for infants and young children. 

  • A great addition to our Baby Care Basics class. 

  • Though it is not required for our program, if you are interested in or need certification, 

  • The American Red Cross requires an additional $25 fee for a two-year certification card and textbook.

Practice is available during class guided by the instructor.

All you need is a doll or stuffed animal. 


2022 Schedule:


This program is In Person Only so you can practice on the manikins with the instructor there.

10am - 1 pm  



Choose a Saturday

2022 - July 16, August 27, October 1, December 10, January 14, February 11