Baby Care Basics

One, 3-Hour Meeting for Parents-to-Be


Do you know how to take a newborn's temperature?

Do you know how to provide umbilical cord care? 

Would you be able to know if your newborn is well hydrated and well-fed?


Not much experience with babies? 

Get the info you don't even know you need!


Though this class can be taken at any point in your pregnancy, we recommend the 2nd trimester when you are more comfortable and less tired. After your baby is born, our instructors are available to answer any questions and provide great postpartum support. 


Please bring a "baby-size" doll or stuffed animal to class. Remember, CFA does offer FREE phone consultations and referrals after your baby is born.


2022 Schedule:


You choose: In person or virtual.

1:30 - 4:30 pm 



Choose a Saturday

May 14 (virtual only), July 16, August 27, October 1