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Breastfeeding A to Z

Designed for Parents-to-Be


Thinking about breastfeeding?  Feeling pressure?  Confused and overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice and information?  This class will provide you with the knowledge you need to decide what is best for you and your family.  


For the first few weeks breastfeeding your new baby can be difficult.  This essential information will enable you to feel more confident and be better prepared.


Partners are strongly encouraged to attend. 


Our instructors are also available to you for postpartum consultations in addition to the support new mothers receive by participating in our New Mother’s Group and our free Breastfeeding Support Group.


Please bring a bed pillow and a “baby-size” doll or stuffed animal to class if you have one. 

Class cost is $50 cash - $51.75 credit card

2024 Classes - Classes listed in date order
Online registration closes at noon the day prior to the class date. To register after this time please call the office at 631-360-2880. 
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